Property Operations Support services

Residential Property Operators, Real-estate investors and Asset Managers!

If you own a smaller property management company, your employees may not have the required skills for your upcoming project. Now you can hire and work alongside an experienced property manager who possesses the property operations expertise you need to get the job done and only have to pay for the time you require those skills.

  • Have you identified a need to obtain outside expertise with a project for which you do not have the necessary available human resources?
  • Could you use skilled advice with design, budgeting and planning for property improvements?
  • Do you feel that your business is stuck in a rut? Would you like an experienced “fresh pair of eyes” to assess your properties/facilities operations and outline practical actions to help you improve your return on investment?
  • Would you like qualified operations management assistance to help you start-up a new residential accommodations business?
  • Could you use assistance with obtaining building compliance with industry standards and regulations?

The Vacancy Solutions’ principal consultant can provide qualified and realistic property management experience at both building and portfolio levels without the commitment and expense of retaining a full-time employee.

  • Our outside expertise can offer you an objective “big picture” view and can identify opportunities for improving your business operations which you may not have considered.
  • Contact us today and inquire about our confidential complementary operational assessment!    An assessment helps identify the gaps of where you are now, where you want to be and where you can be. 

    Our Vision: To maximize returns on real estate investments by improving business operations, effectively managing properties and acquiring desirable tenants.

    Our Values: We conduct ourselves and our business in a manner that encourages collaboration and trust.  We act with integrity and aim for simplicity, quality and results.  We are committed, enthusiastic and client focused.ur recommendations often more than pay for themselves in reduced costs, increased productivity and other tangible benefits.

  • Hiring on contract avoids the burdens of payroll taxes and remittances, pension or profit-sharing expenses.